Skytrain Agreement

The SkyTrain agreement is an important development for commuters in the Metro Vancouver area. The agreement, between the Government of Canada, the Province of British Columbia and the city of Vancouver, will provide over $1.3 billion for the expansion of the SkyTrain system. This will ultimately result in a faster, more reliable and more efficient transportation network for the region.

The agreement covers three separate projects that will expand the SkyTrain network. The first is the Millennium Line Broadway Extension, which will extend the SkyTrain line from VCC-Clark Station to Broadway and Arbutus. This new line will ease congestion on the busy Broadway Corridor and will connect communities in East Vancouver, Burnaby and Surrey.

The second project covered by the agreement is the Surrey-Langley SkyTrain Extension. This will extend the Expo Line from King George Station in Surrey to Langley City Centre, providing residents of the Fraser Valley with efficient, rapid transit options.

Finally, the agreement will also see the replacement of the current Pattullo Bridge with a new four-lane bridge that will include dedicated transit lanes. This will enhance the safety and reliability of the bridge and improve transit connections between Surrey and New Westminster.

The SkyTrain agreement has been welcomed by commuters, businesses and communities throughout the region. The expansion of the SkyTrain network will enable more efficient transportation, and will also contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the region. The projects covered by the agreement are expected to create jobs and promote economic growth in the region, making it a win for both commuters and the local economy.

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